Meet Eliana!

This week I will be showcasing snippets of my daughter's bedroom.  Before going into detail about her room, I thought I would go into detail about my Eliana (El-E-ah-nuh....mistaken for Elaina a lot!) Denae!

Eliana (aka Elie, Nay Nay, Elie Belly, etc.) is our super silly, part tomboy, part princess, four year old!  She spends a lot of her time in the bathroom washing various toys (She has ruined many battery-opperated toys!) or making "cakes" or "soups" in the kitchen (The recipes for these usually include yogurt, milk, water, pixie sticks, sprinkles, & bites of apples she takes & spits into the bowl!).

Here are some pictures to better describe Elie...

All of her favorite foods include either lots of sugar or chocolate.

She has an incredible sense of fashion & loves to accessorize:

Don't you love how she wore a swimsuit bottom with tights to create a lovely skirt outfit?
She enjoys life & knows how to make us smile!

Shes does the funniest things & is always entertaining!

I caught her singing into the curling iron one day.  (Don't worry, it was unplugged!)
She is mommy's girl...

Prefers to ride on Daddy's shoulders:

Loves her big brother so much!

She is our beautiful, sweet, little fairy princess and we are so blessed to have her!


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