Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: The Furnishings

Welcome back to another One Room Challenge update!  Believe it or not, but I have chosen to take on a challenge to finish up one room in my home in just six weeks.  Today is technically the third week.  I have been working on my eight-year-old daughter’s room (Elie).  You can see my plan for it here

I am really hoping this room turns out looking good, but I’m starting to have my doubts.  Spoiler alert—we hung some curtains & I think they are all wrong.  Time will tell!  I’m hoping they look better once we get the bedding & accessories in place.So, back to this week—Basically, I spent my time assembling, painting, & top coating the main furniture pieces for the room. 

I took a trip to Ikea with my three-year-old & eight-year-old & picked up this Tullsta chair.  It’s actually a pretty light-weight chair, but I felt like tough stuff carrying it up the stairs myself!


Another empowering moment for me…assembling this Rast dresser (after painting & polycrylic-ing it).  Usually I leave all the assembling up to my husband, but he was out of town & I was anxious to make use of the storage this provides.


I absolutely love using these as nightstands in kids rooms.  They are a good size & provide a good deal of storage.  The top drawer holds randoms, the middle drawer holds socks & undies, & the bottom drawer contains pajamas.  Yay for more storage in Elie’s dresser!

Those gold ring pulls were a DIY inspired by Sarah M. Dorsey.  I already had an extra set of Ikea curtain rings I wasn’t going to use, so I used them instead of the rings from the original tutorial. 

DIY Ring Pulls 2

I ordered this parson’s desk from Wayfair on Friday night around 5 pm & it was at my house by 3 pm the next day with FREE shipping!  (It must have been on sale when I ordered it because it was only $52.)


I got another great deal on the lucite ghost chair that I won on a local auction site for $25!  I’m kind of jealous of my daughter for getting it!  I have at least three more places in my home I would love to have one of these chairs…  Maybe I will get lucky again!


When my husband got home, I was ready for him to hang some shelves above the desk.  I have been working on styling them, but need to get some more accessories to fill them up.

To sum up today’s post, three important things to include when making over a kid’s space are: storage (bookshelves/nightstand), a comfy place to read, & a place to study—among other things, like a place to sleep, but we’ll get to that next week (I hope)!

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Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: Paint, Paint, Paint

This past week has been dedicated to all things paint for my daughter’s room makeover.  Well, not quite all things paint—I have a few more things I need to paint for the room! 


Elie chose Cosmic Rays paint (by Olympic) for the wall color.  It is the same color we used in our family room.  (For some reason it is reading as a light lavender in the pictures, but it is actually a light blue-ish gray color.


I also painted the doors & trim in her room.


Speaking of trim, my husband added some around her windows.


I also painted her dresser turquoise (Aqua Bay by Olympic).  We used this color on the Tarva chest in the family room.  I really love the color in there, but I’m not really liking it on this dresser.  Maybe it’s the pink knobs or the lines at the bottom of the dresser that are throwing it off for me.  Hopefully, it will work out, because I really don’t want to re-paint it!

As for the upcoming week, boxes are starting to arrive & I did make the trek to Ikea, which means furniture assembly & painting await me!  Be sure to check back in for more progress next week!  You can see my plans for the space here.

If you are looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out all the other linking participants taking on the One Room Challenge.  In just four more weeks, there are sure to be some amazing spaces thanks to Linda’s motivation!

Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: Pictures & Plans

Now that my son’s room is nearly finished, I decided to move on to make my daughter’s room more appealing.  It has pretty much been a disaster zone since we moved the full-sized bed out of the nursery & into her room nearly three years ago!  Want proof?


It may not be obvious from the pictures, but the bedding is too small (& ripped & stained), there are only two working light bulbs in that fixture, & her nightstand is overflowing!  It is high time to address this mess!

Here are my plans:

OB-Elie's Room

The light fixture, bed, & dresser are staying.  Pretty much everything else is going.  The walls will be painted (probably Cosmic Rays or Honesty by Olympic Paints).  I plan on using a brass headboard I’ve had in the basement for a few years, along with plain white bedding & pillows that will bring in Elie’s favorite color, spring green.  The bed will be flanked with an Ikea Rast dresser (for added storage) & a white parsons desk & lucite chair.  We will add a couple of white shelves above the desk for even more storage.


The windows will be dressed in pink curtains (Ikea Vivan perhaps?) & in the corner between the window & dresser will be a Tullsta chair.  We will test our DIY skills with a peace sign marquee above it.  Her dresser will get a makeover in a happy turquoise color & I may change out the mirror for one that can be hung vertically.


The space between the two doors will be a gallery wall of special treasures & artwork.


And it will all be finished in less than six weeks, thanks to the One Room Challenge Link Party, hosted by Linda from Calling It Home.

This will be my third time participating in the linking party.  I'm hoping to have the same success this time as I did with my kids' bathroom...

Be sure to stop back next week for an update.  I hope to get a lot of shopping & painting finished this week!  You can see some of my inspiration as well as sources on my Pinterest board.

Curtains, Pillows, & the Letter Z

Every time I decorate a room, there comes a point where I’m not sure it’s turning out exactly how I had envisioned it.  That is how I had been feeling about my son’s room, until we hung the gallery wall & made a few other additions.  The game changer?


This marquee letter Z my husband made!  I love the way this corner now boasts green, blue, & orange.


Basically, it’s a 2x4 cut at crazy angles with holes drilled in it & filled with patio lights.  Still working on how to hide the cord…


I also made a faux roman shade, which was another near disaster!  (It was completely crooked!  Luckily re-attaching it at the top straightened it out.  I would not have been shocked if it had really been crooked, since I’m horrible at taking measurements!)


I made a couple of pillows for the bed.  The fabric reminds me of the game Space Invaders.  Anyone remember that game?  Not sure why it brings back that memory, but it made me think it would be great for my video game loving boy’s room.


We framed out some mirrored glass too, so now Zeke can make sure he is put together in the morning, or maybe just check out his guns!



Only three more things to do before this room is considered “finished”…
  • Build a headboard
  • Build a pull-down desk
  • Build a bench
You can check out the plan for the room here.

Since his room looks mostly finished (with the exception of the pile of junk where his desk should be), I am going to be taking a little break from Zeke’s room to whip my daughter’s room into shape.  I will be participating in Linda’s (from Calling It Home) One Room Challenge Linking Party.  I guess I am just a sucker for a challenge!

I will be back Thursday with the plans!

Sharing at the Pretty Preppy Party.

TDC Before and After

Turning Kid Collections into Decor

I believe we have exactly two free weekends between the end of basketball & the beginning of spring soccer!  This past weekend was one of them, so we decided to make the most of it by knocking a few items off the list.

As I have mentioned previously, my son is a collector.  Until recently, some of his cool collections were just sitting in his closet.  In order to inject more of his interests into his bedroom d├ęcor, I decided to use those collections as artwork for his walls.

First, I hot glued his collection of shark teeth onto a piece of black cardstock & framed it in a shadow box.  (I surrounded it with a couple of free printables found here & here.)


Next, we used a couple of nails to mount his collection of state quarters.  (Just a few more to find…)


My husband built two display boxes for some of his most special rocks.  (This was a lesson in patience for both of us!  Who would have thought making these would have been so frustrating!  Black paint & wood filler are hiding a multitude of problems!)  He made the ceramic owl in school art class.



Lastly, I framed a rock, two shells, & a postcard of rocks we got at a “rock mining” tourist trap.


Who would have thought all those things stashed in his closet could look so cool up on his wall!


Pink Pony Party

 How can it be that my baby just turned three?  We celebrated a few weeks ago by having a horse themed birthday, per her request.  She actually asked for a horse & dog party, but since we did the dog theme last year I decided to just stick with horses. 

I’ll let most of the pictures do the talking…




I kept the decorations pretty simple, with some pom pom ribbon (left over from a past project) draped along the mantel.


I also made a pink barn & fence to corral the pony favors, which provided a cute backdrop for photos.



We brought my husband’s vintage hobby horse from the basement for “pony rides”.



Seeing as how I had done nothing to prepare for this party until the day before, I think it turned out pretty well!


I’m sure this girl would have been happy with just cupcakes (& presents, of course!).

Boy’s Bedroom Makeover- Part Three

In January, I began making over my 11 year-old son’s bedroom.  Progress has been pretty slow moving, but today, I thought I would give an update on what has been accomplished.  Let’s look at some pictures, shall we?

After planning the space & painting the room, we hung the vintage map that I have been hoarding in my closet for two years!  My son wanted to keep it on this map of the US, but he can also flip to a world map or a map of Alaska & Hawaii. 


Since I am only using my monthly spending allowance (plus money I earned through selling things on Craigslist) I had to save up before I could buy a couple of Rast dressers from Ikea.  I absolutely LOVE that these are so inexpensive, can be painted/stained to look great, & are a small size, with quite a bit of storage. 


Before assembling them, I stained the outside pieces (Early American by Minwax) & painted the drawer fronts white.  I used the knobs that came with them for a while so I could save up to buy some ring knobs. 

Then, one day I remembered this post from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs showing how she made her own ring knobs.  (I also found this post helpful.)  Around the same time I had this recollection, I also remembered that I had two bags of Ikea curtain rings.  After assembling a cotter pin around the ring & inserting the cotter pin into a beveled washer, I spray painted them gold & followed up with a couple coats of clear acrylic sealer.  Then, my husband pushed the cotter pin through the holes in the drawers & spread them apart with the help of pliers & a hammer (kind of like how you use brass fasteners for kid crafts).  (The cotter pins were pretty tough stuff, so my husband had to do all the assembling & putting them in the drawers.)  I would say I only spent about $8 for all twelve knobs!  (Ignore the wonky one on the middle drawer, I should have straightened it out before taking the picture!)


Next, I stained & polyurethaned two shelves, cut from an $8 board at Home Depot.  We used some “L” brackets for easy shelf installation, which cost another $6 (total).  Originally, I wanted three shelves, but it didn't end up working out, since we are planning on building a pull-down desk under the bottom shelf.


My son is a collector, so this gives him a nice place to display some of his rocks, shells, weathered glass, & buckeyes.  I’m not sure what I’ll do when these collections grow, since we’re already running out of space!


So far the biggest expense for this makeover has been the bedding.  Since we just upgraded Zeke to a full-sized bed, we needed new sheets, dust ruffle, comforter, & pillows


I wanted to upgrade Zeke’s director’s chair to a more comfortable chair he could read or hang out in.  I was able to get this one on Craigslist for $75.  It is in great condition & is very comfortable.

Here is a look at most of the things that we still have to do in the room. Oh, shoot… forgot to add headboard in there…  We have to do that too!

Z room

We also need to build a pull-out desk & bench below the bookshelves, but PicMonkey was giving me a hard time, so I’m not going to bother labeling another picture!


So, slowly, but surely we are getting things accomplished in this room.  I’m hoping that we can work on a few things this weekend.  I would love to have this room finished in the next couple of weeks so I can get started on my daughter’s.  (I'm picking up something for her space tomorrow, which has me excited about her room makeover!)


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