2011 Summer Projects

My husband is a teacher, so naturally during the summer we I try to narrow down our project list while he has a little extra time.  Here are some of the projects I really hope we can tackle before summer ends:


1. Put finishing touches on the morning room.  (Refinish table, re-cover chairs, paint secretary, install light, & curtains...)

{in progress}

2. Paint & decorate the master bedroom.

{needs work!}

3. Decorate dining room.  (This will include painting, adding chair rail & paneling, window treatments, chair covers, & fixing up the ram shackled furniture I bought off Craigslist!)


4. Paint & decorate the entryway & hallways.  (This will include a new rug, chair, entry table, & live topiary...hopefully!)

{I'm getting REALLY tired of these dirty white walls!}

5. Paint & organize garage.  (I'm actually really excited about this project!  I've got some great garage storage tips to share with you!  Stay tuned!)

{Just keepin' it real!}


1. Fix up front landscaping.  (Add a retaining wall, tree, bushes, annuals, & mulch.)

{We NEED a retaining wall...still trying to convince my husband!}

2. Stain deck & add flower boxes.

{This was my husband's BIG project last summer.  I'm so proud of him for designing & building it himself!}

3. Add a patio & storage closet under the deck.  (We also plan on doing some concrete work to widen the driveway & add a basketball goal.)

{in progress}

4. Clear out (some) brush & dead trees from the woods.  Add a swing, sandbox, & path to the creek.}

{Who wants to come help?  Any takers?}

5. Remove the shutters on the arched window.

{These have made me "shudder" since before we started building!}

So, there you have it, the ugly truth. (I can't believe I actually showed you some of those pictures!)  I'm really hoping we can accomplish these projects, but realistically we probably won't.  (Don't tell my husband I actually admitted that!)

Mixed in between all the hard work, we plan on having a little fun too!  Each year we come up with family adventures.  Some of this year's adventures include a vacation to Georgia, farms, amusement parks, museums, bike trails, aquariums, camping, canoeing, & of course lots of R&R at the pool!

Want to keep up with all the projects?  Follow along & I will add before & after pictures as we conquer our massive summer project list!

So, what are you up to this summer?


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  1. WOW! You big plans for this summer! May I suggest this for your entryway...
    When I saw your photo I immediately thought of this post that I saw earlier today! I hope you have an awesome summer!

  2. big plans! the work and ideas never end. haha.

  3. You are very ambitions. However, reach for the moon and you will fall among the stars, so the incomplete projects can be on hold until next summer while you enjoy the fruits of your/his efforts throughout the year.



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