So, the plan for today was to blog about a cute boa wreath I made for my daughter's room.  I thought it looked good until I put it up on the wall.  Now it just looks dingy & BAD. 

Since that didn't work, I decided to wipe polyurethane on the tops of her painted dresser & nightstand to prevent scratch ups when she rearranges her accessories.  Somehow, the cloth I used rubbed cat hair all over the dresser top.  I tried rubbing it off & touching it up, but I am pretty sure the end result is going to look awful.  To make my morning even worse, I spilled a drop of polyurethane on her bedding.  Ugh!

Somehow, I am on week three of my daughter's room reveal for this blog.  The bad thing is, her room was pretty much finished a year ago!  I was just trying to do some last minute touch ups on the accessories before revealing it to blog land. 

Right now, my daughter is crying, "It's ruined!  It's ruined!" about a paper she is coloring.  Maybe I'll go join her!  That's kind of how I'm feeling right now!

I promise I'll be more positive on Monday!  Hey, there may even be a room reveal...but I'm not making promises on that one!


  1. oh no! i understand how frustrated it is to get things "just right." so sorry that you're having problems. if it makes you feel any better, i do that alllllll the time. though, usually i work on what i think is a crafty idea. but then my results look very childish. i am very critical of myself as well. you'll know it's there, but i'm sure no one else will even notice the drip. andie @

  2. just me again...

    i gave you a Most Versatile Blogger Award. go to my post here to find out more :)

    :) andiejaye



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