A few weeks ago we went to Michael's as a family to pick out unfinished birdhouses to paint.  Within a few minutes, Eliana picked out a castle birdhouse, Zeke picked out a pirate ship, my hubby picked out a log cabin, & I picked out a barn (nice & easy...I know my limits as a painter!).

Here they are before we transformed them:


Since the temperatures here have been in the upper nineties with a heat index of over 100 degrees, this indoor project was a welcomed escape from the heat!  We sat down as a family & painted our birdhouses.  As a perfectionist, I had certain ideas on how I wanted them to turn out, but tried to let my children freely choose how to decorate them!  (I may have cheated a little, since I touched up some of their paint, but the colors were definitely their own choosing...You'll see.)

{Elie's red, green, & pink castle & Zeke's pirate ship}

{Mark's log cabin & my red barn}

Now, you'll just have to wait to see what is next for these birdhouses!  Once we get a protective water seal on them, I have a fun place to hang them!  (Crossing my fingers this idea works!)

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  1. Nice indoor craft that looked like it was lots of fun,thanks for sharing! We hope you will consider helping kids with cancer by linking into the Miracle Makeover party this coming week
    at Together we can change things! We appreciate you.

    Sherry, DGB Team

  2. How adorable!!! I'm always amazed by the miracle of paint!

  3. How cute! I've been eyeing those birdhouses at Michaels all summer! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I would love for you to join us at “It’s a Party” today!

  4. Great birdhouses! And what's so, so nice is that you all did this as a family!



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