A few weeks ago we went to Michael's as a family to pick out unfinished birdhouses to paint.  Within a few minutes, Eliana picked out a castle birdhouse, Zeke picked out a pirate ship, my hubby picked out a log cabin, & I picked out a barn (nice & easy...I know my limits as a painter!).

Here they are before we transformed them:


Since the temperatures here have been in the upper nineties with a heat index of over 100 degrees, this indoor project was a welcomed escape from the heat!  We sat down as a family & painted our birdhouses.  As a perfectionist, I had certain ideas on how I wanted them to turn out, but tried to let my children freely choose how to decorate them!  (I may have cheated a little, since I touched up some of their paint, but the colors were definitely their own choosing...You'll see.)

{Elie's red, green, & pink castle & Zeke's pirate ship}

{Mark's log cabin & my red barn}

Now, you'll just have to wait to see what is next for these birdhouses!  Once we get a protective water seal on them, I have a fun place to hang them!  (Crossing my fingers this idea works!)

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