A Mirror Made Over

I've had this cheap "back of the door" mirror since high school.


I just noticed some of these at Target the other day for $5.99.  Anyway, I had been wanting a long mirror to hang above the stool in the entry way.  I needed something long, that would minimize the contrast between the 18 foot wall & my 18 inch stool!  I decided this mirror would work perfectly, except it needed to be beefed up a little.

My husband glued the mirror to a piece of peg board that was wasting space in the garage.  I think he used a product called "Lock Tight" for this.

Then, he added some decorative chair rail around the existing frame by gluing & nailing it into the peg board.

{Pay no attention to the shopping bag on the entry table!}

He filled in the gaps with caulk and then I painted it.


I really like the results!  It definitely doesn't look like a $6 mirror anymore!  (I'll show a better picture of it on Wednesday, when I reveal the painted front door.)

Now, if I could just get my 5 year old to stop spending so much time in front of it!  (Sadly, this is the first time we have hung a floor length mirror, so she's not used to seeing her whole body in a mirror!)

These pictures were taken before leaving for "picture day" at her school.  Hopefully, she didn't make any of these faces in her pictures!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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  1. I really like your updated mirror, but your daughter is the star of this post. What a cutie pie.

  2. The mirror came out great! And your daughter looks adorable! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

  3. wow! that transformation is unbelievable! would love it if you linked this up tomorrow! also, look at that little diva posing! too cute!

  4. Sweet! I had several of those mirrors in college myself, and I remember the coveted ones were warped in just the right way to render us a few pounds thinner! lol!

    Your daughter is adorable posing in the mirror!

    Well done on the transformation!

  5. Haha! i LOVE the pictures of your daughter.:) The mirror looks really nice, but your daughter is the best part.:)

  6. This is truly a great idea. Thanks for sharing.



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