A Work of Heart

As I was scouring Pinterest one day in search of ideas for the nursery, I came across some framed hearts, which of course, I didn't pin... (So now, I don't know the original source, & I don't even remember what it looked like!)  Anyway, I decided to try to create my own "work of heart" to fill up some wall space in the nursery!

I started out with an empty picture frame, burlap, & a string of beads (which I had purchased for a different project that I scratched!).  These were all things I had lying around, which makes this project even better!  To complete this project you will also need an iron, scissors, pen, heart cut out, glue sticks, & a glue gun.


To begin, I ironed my slightly wrinkled piece of burlap & cut it a little bigger than my picture frame opening.  Then, I used a heart, which I had cut from paper, to trace the shape onto the center of the burlap.  Next, I added glue to a small area, & began tracing the shape of the heart with glue & beads (a little at a time).  I started at the bottom of the heart, worked my way to the top, back to the bottom, & then inside the heart.  When I was finally finished, I framed it & hung it on the wall.

Here's the finished product:


And here it is in her room:


I hope you like it!  Have you ever created art from a strand of beads?

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