Teacher Gifts

Hopefully next week I will have a post about what I am making for Zeke's teacher this year, but today, I thought I would share some of the gifts we made for his teachers a few years ago.

For teacher appreciation week, we made a pencil container.  We made it by using an opened can (I covered the sharp edges from the opening with duct tape) & some pencils that were cut slightly longer than the can.  I just glued them on & put a ribbon around them.

{Pencil Holder}

Here is how we wrapped it up to give it to the teacher:

For the last day of school, we made her a personalized Post-It notepad.  I took a bunch of Post-It notes from the Dollar Tree & attached them together.  I had Zeke write a short thank you note on the top page.  Then, I penciled in some words & had Zeke trace over them with a marker.  I tied colorful ribbon around it & inserted some pens.

{Personalized Post-Its}

{Ready to wrap}

{Ready for the teacher!}

We actually gave these to his teacher last year too, but I am going to try something different this year.  You'll have to come back next week to see if it turned out!


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