The Nursery

It's hard to believe Evalyse has been here for three months already & her nursery is finally finished!  Soon she'll be staying in there full time, so I'm glad it's completed.

This is what the room looks like from the doorway.  My mom made the curtains for me & I transformed the chandelier by painting it & adding some bling.

I found the furniture on Craigslist & gave it new life with a few coats of paint.

The Humpty Dumpty lamp was in my nursery.  My mom painted it & covered the shade in toile when Zeke was born.  I accessorized the dresser with some picture frames from Wal-Mart, a bird from Hobby Lobby, & a paper mache hat box I decorated.

The chair was a $5 find from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  My mom recovered it for my son's nursery.  My mother-in-law made the blanket on the chair & I made some of the pillows.  The kids made the teddy bear as a gift for Evalyse.  I found the basket at Garden Ridge & recently made the floor pillow following this tutorial.

You can read about this tiny gallery wall here.

I hung some DIY art above this small chest.

 I made some pom poms to hang near the crib & framed some Vintage Printables above it.

My mom made the toile comforter & bed skirt.  I made the pillows with some leftover fabric.  These are just for decoration & are NOT in the crib when the baby is in it!  It is not safe for babies to sleep with pillows, blankets, or even stuffed animals.

Here is a reminder of what the room looked like a few months ago:


It's come a long way since then!  

When I was choosing a theme for my oldest child's nursery, I picked a gender neutral theme & colors so I could use it for his future brothers or sisters.  This worked well for us & saved us a good chunk of change.  You can read about how his nursery evolved into Elie's nursery in this post.

Although I think the room turned out great, this is definitely my favorite accessory in the room:

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  1. The nursery looks great! I can't believe you found that chair for $5. Mine looks similar to that and costs us way more than $5. She is going to enjoy moving into her new room.

  2. What a beautiful room for a gorgeous baby. You did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing and your babies portrait is precious! Lesley

  3. What a sweet room and such a beautiful baby! My daughter's nursery had similar colors and prints, and I think we even used the same toile fabric on her curtains! I still love it! And the little stool pouf you made is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your space at my Room Evolution Party!

  4. Thanks! I am going to miss having her right next to me when she moves into her new room though!

  5. So beautiful!! And a beautiful baby girl, too! =)

  6. What a beautiful room for such a precious baby! I love how well you put the room together! That last pic is priceless!

  7. It turned out great...I love the pink painted dresser! Little girls are so fun! My little girl just turned 13 months old & is my last baby so I did her nursery "girlie" too. Your baby is absolutely beautiful!!

  8. What a sweet nursery! Your baby girl is adorable! That's a beautiful picture of her!



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