Shopping Without a List

Okay, so technically I had a list, I just didn't buy anything on it!  Oops!  I had a few hours to kill while the kids were at Bible Day Camp, so I decided to have some fun shopping at a few of my favorite stores.

The first store I hit up was Garden Ridge.  While I was there, I decided to multi-task & turn my shopping trip into a blog post.  Hope you don't mind!

This 4x6 rug was only about $25.  This would have been perfect for my entry way!

I like the design on this indoor/outdoor rug.  It was a larger rug (maybe a 5x7?) & was priced around $50.

Too bad I'm cheap, because I love the shape of these $25 lamps.  (My local Goodwill has 50% off everything this Saturday, so maybe I can find some with a similar shape!)

I'm thinking about going back for one of these rose bowls for the living room.  I figured I should wait for curtains & pillows, just to make sure the color matches.

I really hope they still have this coffee table when I go back.  It's pretty much a steal for $60.

I thought this large chevron flower pot was too cute.  I decided I've killed enough flowers lately.  Maybe someone who actually waters their plants will buy it!

Wouldn't this star-shaped ottoman be great for a little boy's room?  

Garden Ridge also has lots of great accent furniture...

and a pretty good assortment of "unique" items...

This might make a great time-out spot!!

For $20 you can get yourself a gnome holding a solar light.  Not what your looking for?  They also have some gnomes dressed as motorcyclists & police officers!

I'll show you what I actually bought on Monday.  For some reason my upload button isn't working now & my baby is screaming!  Better go!  Have a great weekend!


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