New Entry Table Accessories

I finally got around to restyling the dresser in the entry way.


Here is what it looked like before:


Nothing was wrong with it, but I felt the d├ęcor seemed a little heavy.

I decided to move the lamp to another room, since we never used it in this area.  I replaced it with some candles that were originally on the mantle.  I added the faux orchid from the dining room to the other side of the table top.


In the middle, I stacked a few books & placed this glass flower votive holder on top.  I got it at Hobby Lobby for the living room, but decided I liked it better here.


I really like the pop of color in the orchid!


I ended up replacing the faux orchid in the dining room with a real one from Ikea.  Originally, I was going to put the real one in the entry, but the dining room provided more sunshine, so I switched them!  My neighbor has several real orchids & told me to give it 3 ice cubes every week.  I’ve been doing it, & so far I have kept it alive! 


So, have you switched any accessories around lately?  Do you have any tips for a novice orchid grower?  I’d love to hear them!


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