To Go Cabinet

One of the first things I do every morning is make my kids’ lunches.  (No, I’m not confused!  I make lunch in the morning!)  Zeke doesn’t like to eat the school lunch & Elie goes to school after lunch, so I make them at the same time…kill two birds, so to speak!

Every morning, I would walk back & fourth from the fridge to the pantry to the lunch bag drawer to the cup cabinet to the container cabinet to grab the essentials to make the kids’ lunches.  Here’s a look at a few of those areas before:

Somewhere in this upper cabinet are two water bottles Zeke takes to school everyday.


The lunch bags were contained in a deep drawer next to the stove.


This cabinets next to the sink held random plastic containers used for storage & lunch packing.



I decided it would make much more sense if I combined all these items into a “To Go” cabinet.  Here’s how it turned out:


The left side of the cabinet is the one stop I need to go for all the lunch packing supplies I use in the morning.


The top pull-out shelf holds Zeke’s water bottles, divided lunch containers, napkins, & a funny jokes to stick in his lunch bag.


The lunch bags are stored below.  Since we don’t have a pull-out shelf on the bottom, I contained the bags in a basket to easily find the lunch bag I need.


The cabinet on the right holds other essentials for food & drinks on the go.


Small plastic containers & lids, along with a jar of plastic utensils sit on the top pull-out shelf.  We use these containers when we need to pack a snack to go or for my husband, who usually packs leftovers for his lunch at work.

Container Storage

Water bottles & travel type cups are stored on the bottom shelf.  Now, the kids can easily grab a water bottle to fill up on the way out the door for soccer!


So, do you have a special cabinet or drawer to house lunch supplies?  I’m really hoping this will tame a little of the before school chaos that ensues around here in the mornings!


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