Around the House

Here are a few pictures around the house this week…

I replaced the fake flowers in the vase on the mantel with these carnations the kids gave me for Mother’s Day!


Motivation hit when we talked about having our small group over & we started tackling several projects all at once.  A few weeks later, my house is a total disaster!

After painting the kids bathroom green, I decided to paint polka dots on the walls.  They didn’t turn out like I envisioned & I painted over them shortly afterwards, but they still showed through the paint.  During the baby’s nap one day, I decided to sand them down (with an electric sander) & prime two more coats over them.  (Yes, the wall has said “ath” for three weeks, since I took the “B” down when I painted.

The plan is to repaint the walls a different color, but we need to replace the baseboards (due to water damage) first. 


We started a makeover in our study & our dining room is now covered in the contents of the bookcases!


Speaking of bookcases, they are hanging out in the morning room waiting to be painted.


And since we’re talking about painting, this china cabinet, which sits in the living room is about to receive it’s third coat of black paint, since the first two weren't the right shade or sheen.  Ugh.


Wish me luck!  This is starting to stress me out!


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