One Room Challenge- The Kids’ Bathroom

Looking back at my goals for the year, I realize I have yet to finish much on my list.  With the kids in school & the year quickly coming to an end, I am feeling motivated to knock a few projects off the list!  After reading about the One Room Challenge linking party at Calling It Home, I know it will be a great way to keep me accountable to this new-found motivation! 

I will be putting my efforts toward fixing up the kids’ shared bathroom. 

When we built our house four years ago, this was one of the first spaces I worked on.  I had very little budget & an unclear vision for the house, as well as my design style.  Recently, the obnoxious colors in this room (The green is much brighter in person.) are driving me crazy, & I am craving the feel of a classic, timeless look.  The budget is still very small, & I will have to use the existing fixtures, but I love the challenge of creating a whole new look with just paint & accessories.

So, here’s what I’m thinking…

I’ll paint the walls Quill, by Olympic Paints, from Lowes.  I’ll paint the vanity & mirror black to add a little drama to the space.  On the left wall, I’ll frame some pictures from the book Harry the Dirty Dog & add towel hooks below.  I will use black & white towels on the hooks & in a metal bucket by the shower.  I will hang two white curtains with black trim from the shower ceiling & add something pretty in between (like the picture above) since we have a standard tub & shower surround.  I’ll create the look of a 1930’s bathroom by DIYing a black toilet seat.  Finally, I’ll add a white runner for the floor.

I hope that this bathroom will evoke a classic, timeless look, without being too bland, since there won’t be much in the way of color. 

I have a lot to do, so I’d better get started!


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