One Room Challenge Week Two

This week, I have started implementing the design plan for our kids’ bathroom update for the One Room Challenge.

A few weeks ago, my husband replaced our water damaged baseboards (from the kids taking showers with the liner hanging out or not closed) with some baseboards made from PVC, that should hold up to water much better!  Next, I painted the walls Quill by Olympic paints (the same color we used in our study) & painted the vanity & mirror frame black. 

Black, White, & Gray bathroom

We already had the baseboards (I think we bought them in January!) & had black paint on hand from another project, so the only thing I have had to buy so far, was the paint.  (Okay, I did buy the metal bucket & the yellow dog…not sure that will stay!)


You’ll notice the toilet seat has been removed in these pictures.  Hopefully, I’ll have some progress on that next week!

Here’s a reminder of the look I’m going for:

Check back next week for more progress!


  1. I love your board. The drapery style shower curtains will look great in your bath!

  2. I love the yellow dog, I hope he stays. Good call on the pvc baseboards. Still rooting for Harry, the dirty dog.

  3. It's looking great Wendy! Forge on!

  4. WOW - I love the shower curtain inspiration you'll have to tell us how that will come about!! cant wait to see more



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