Sofa Saga

Thirteen years ago, my husband & I bought this lovely denim sofa set for our first home.  I had seen a picture of a denim sofa in a yellow room & waited for months to recreate the look in my own home!  (The picture below is a "before"!)

denim couch

When we moved to our next home, I kept the couch & the yellow walls & changed the pillow backs to a better coordinating fabric.

Denim Sofa

I have desperately wanted a new set of sofas ever since we moved to our current house, four years ago.  It was pretty low on the priority list, so I gathered up all the back pillows & stuffed everything in a three piece slip cover for a much cleaner look.

Slipcovered Couch

The current look is much better, but it still gives off the “cottage” vibes that I am trying to get away from (so does the coffee table…).  When the slipcovers began to wear & a hole formed in the arm area, I knew we were going to need to start thinking about purchasing some new sofas.  When Evie started tearing at the worn area, making a bigger, & bigger hole, I new it was time to start begging talk to my husband about purchasing new sofas!

After lots of online shopping & going to at least nine furniture stores, I decided on the Danbury Sofa in Buckwheat.

Instead of buying a sofa & loveseat, I decided to purchase two full-sized sofas for additional seating.  (I taped off the extra space to make sure they would fit.)  You might think I’m crazy for purchasing light colored sofas with three crazy kids, & that’s probably accurate!  The fabric is a polyester velvet, which I think will hold up nicely to stains & I’ll probably keep it covered for most of our everyday use (in case anyone decides to use it as a tissue).

Now, I just have to wait about eight more weeks & then I can see how it looks in person!

So, have you ever purchased a sofa online, without seeing it in person?  Prayers that it looks as good in my room as it does in the picture above!


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