A New Look for the Nook

When I last left you, I had just finished trying my hand at painting a floral picture.  After I filled in about a million nail holes, I patched the paint with a different brand of chalkboard paint, since Lowe's didn't carry the Rustoleum paint I originally used.  Please people, learn your lesson from me, & don’t do that!  The paint touch ups were totally obvious & I ended up needing to re-paint the entire area.  Live & learn.

After the paint dried, I hung my artwork in the nook using some sticky tack & command hooks & added a piece of plexi-glass on top of it, using anchors & some gold screws.





I will now declare myself the world’s worst blogging picture taker!  So sorry for my lack of photography skills!  I really do like the way it turned out, & it definitely looks much better in person than in my pictures!

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