The View From Here

Sometimes when I'm sitting on the couch & I see this view, I see past the imperfections & it makes me happy!  The cheerful pop of the blue dresser & purple orchid reminds me of how much I like our house & how fortunate I am to live in a home this beautiful.


When I see this after coming down the steps & turning the corner, it evokes that same feeling.


The living room & dining room are also some of my favorite views in the house.  The pop of pink flowers & blue pillows with the shiny sunburst mirror & unexpected (but neutral) zebra print on the chairs are just a few of my favorite things in this space.


Of course, this is one of my very favorite things to see in here!  Most people say they don't use their formal living & dining rooms, but we definitely use ours every day.  The covers on the dining room chairs make for a great hideout (much to my chagrin), & obviously there are races through these rooms, & Zeke usually lays on the couch to read, away from distractions in other rooms.


Another favorite spot... but I'm usually the one in the chair (probably a little too much)!


I'm so glad to have a few spots in my home where I can see past the linoleum floors, oak railings, & dirty carpets!  So, what's your favorite view at home?


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