Gray & Coral Bathroom

Nearly eight months ago, I updated my kids’ neon green bathroom to a more calming, neutral room with pops of color.  I still absolutely adore this room & it seems to be holding up pretty well.  I love the pattern in the striped shower curtains, the black toilet seat, & the pops of color in the towels, artwork, & yellow dog (which was something I wasn't sure if I would keep).  The only change I have made to this room is that I raised the artwork in the shower slightly higher & put a nail in the drywall to hold it, after it fell several times & scratched up the tub (magic eraser to the rescue…). Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the room didn't turn out very well, so I decided to try to take some with my son’s new camera.





Oh well!  I’m not sure those are much better!  The only thing left to do in this room is replace the flooring.  I would love some classic white & black hex tiles, like these.


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