The Great Crate!

Several years ago I bought a cheap cubby system from Target to store some of my kids' books and toys.  The green cloth storage cubes were just not doing it for me anymore!

They really weren't the right color of green for this room and were getting slightly misshapen.  I loved the idea of incorporating wood, but I couldn't find any baskets that were the right size or price.  (Target does sell some milk crate baskets, but the big ones wouldn't fit & the small ones wouldn't hold what currently fit in the green bins.)

I ended up sweet talking my handy hubby into making me some vintage looking wooden milk crates!  Despite all my communication complications, everything ended up working out great!

FYI, if you are thinking of sweet talking your husband into building milk crates with no real plans, make sure to give him the correct measurements instead of saying they are about 10 inch cubes and assuming that when he goes to build him he will take actual measurements.  If you don't, you may end up with a top row of crates that are not quite big enough.  Also, make sure that either the measurements work out so that the slats are really close together, or that the bottom slat is very close to the bottom of the crate.  If not, you will find yourself stapling a canvas drop cloth to the insides of the crates to stop all of the teeny, tiny toys from falling through the cracks! 

I also hot glued some felt to the bottom of the cubbies so they slide smoothly & don't scratch up the laminate (any more than it's already scratched up...).  And now, here is the finished product:

Much better!  And we can even buy our kids more toys since we have one extra cubby!  Just kidding!

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