Look What Our Vanity Got Us...

Our last house had a built-in entertainment center, which was great!  We loved the fact that we never had to buy a unit to hold our electronic equipment.  However, it wasn't such a great thing when we moved!  We had a 52 inch TV that sat on our coffee table for months until we came up with an inexpensive solution for holding our TV.

We wanted more than just a console to hold our TV.  We wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and that would hide a lot of our kids' toys and games.  One night, I found inspiration as I was looking through Craigslist ads, and came up with a solution that would meet all of our requirements.

First, we found these hideous bookcases on Craigslist for $60 for three!

Okay, so they're not THAT hideous...and please don't be mad at me if you have these same bookcases in your house!  The plan was to use two of these on each end of the TV compartment.

To hold the TV, we ended up purchasing an unfinished 60 inch bathroom sink base at a home improvement store.  Here it is while my husband was modifying it:

My husband added finished plywood on top of the vanity, to the sides, and then added a top on it.  Next, he added crowned molding & later (no in-between pictures) a shelf, more trim to the cut edges of the plywood, & molding around the bottom to finish it off.  He also added hinges to the faux drawers (where the sink would normally be) & a shelf inside (you can see the inside shelf in the above picture), which hold our video game systems and DVD player.

Here's a picture with the crowned molding added:

When we bought the bookcases to use for the sides, we thought we would have to create new doors to match the ones on the vanity.  However, my husband discovered that the crazy design on the front was just a plastic plate & was easily removed.  Once removed, he added molding around the cabinet doors on the bookcases to mimic the doors on the vanity.  He also removed the scalloped piece & replaced the top with crowned molding to match the center piece.  Then, he added molding to the bottom as well.

Here's a picture of the bookcase door adjustments:

The final steps were to prime, paint it and add hardware.

I thought the shelf seemed a little weird, so we ended up covering it with fabric and adding molding to the front of it.

Here it is today:

Sorry for the weird angle, but I didn't want my reflection in the TV!

So, what do ya think?

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  1. Very impressive! It is great to recycle old stuff and no one has to know. Your husband obviously has some carpentry skills.

  2. love it!

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    Last day today

  3. I think you found a creative way to put those old bookcases to use.
    Well done!

  4. wow....absolutely great!!!
    You have done a super job.

    God bless and may you have a sweet life,
    d from homehaven

  5. I am totally impressed. This solved your problem without spending a lot of money...and it looks fabulous.:)
    Your sweetie sure is a great furniture builder.:)

  6. I Love this. I want to do a unit like this in my home.


  7. Thanks for the encouragement! I am very lucky my husband enjoys challenging himself with projects like this! Thanks again!

  8. WOW! Fantastic job! I am totally doing this in my basement. Thanks for sharing.
    Check out my blog.

  9. I'm so impressed! I need to make one of these myself...I love your blog name as well I'm now following you...please come on over to my link party and link this up? Simply Creations Link Party

  10. OH I love it, Very resourceful, this is my favorite kind of project, one that evolves and is designed on the fly! It looks AWESOME. I am visiting from Miss Mustard Seed's.

  11. Thanks everyone! I really do appreciate your comments!

    Jacqueline, I will link up right now!

  12. Great job. I think you and your husband are very creative in the way you combined disparate elements to make a lovely whole.

  13. You need to come to my house! I have been wanting to do the same thing :) Looks amazing!! I'm your newest follower. come check me out too!


  14. abso-freakin amazing! using the bathroom vanity was genius! im now a follower of your amazing blog

  15. I am visiting from Better After, and I must say this is impressive! I LOVE it! And I couldn't believe what you used for it! Clever! And it gives me some new inspiration! God bless you!!

  16. This is really beautiful :)

  17. Amazing transformation! I love how it turned out.

  18. Looks great! =) Very creative!

  19. Awesome idea! I think I just found a project for my Mister to get started on! Thanks for the inspiration!


  20. Man you're lucky your hubs is so darn handy! Love this.



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