Delightful Dollhouse

My mom purchased this dollhouse at a yard sale a few years ago, and gave it to my daughter.

The above picture was taken after I painted all the aqua colored trim, shutters, window boxes, & door.  I also had replaced the roof shingles.  At one point the porch was covered & had posts to hold it up, but that got knocked off several times, & was too far beyond repair to replace (plus I'd most likely have to keep fixing it!).

Originally, I was just going to repaint this dollhouse pink & change the doors & window boxes to cream, to match the rest of the trim.  Then, one day I saw this picture of the Westport Dollhouse in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog (Yours for only $199!  Ha!):

Seeing this dollhouse inspired me to change up the color on Elie's dollhouse.  The best part was that I already had a quart of a similar color of green paint just waiting to be used on something!  I painted the door cream, and the window boxes pink to tie in with her room a little more.  Here is my version of the above dollhouse:

The change made a huge difference and inspired me to be even more creative!  I cut apart some small flowers from an artificial flower & hot glued them to the window boxes.  Then, my son & I painted some small clay pots, filled them with play-doh (which will hopefully dry up soon!), & added more of the cut flowers.  Elie informed me she wanted a rug for the dolls, so I cut a small rectangle out of sandpaper, added a border & the word "welcome", and gave this family a place to wipe their muddy shoes!  Finally, I added a small wreath by cutting a "wreath shape" out of cardboard & covering it in jute.

Oops, just ignore the tiny piece of lint behind the right flower pot!

Much better, don't you think?  (Personally, I think it's cuter than the one from Pottery Barn!)  The most important part is that Eliana loves it!  (Which says a lot, since she is pretty much a pink & purple ONLY girl!)


 See you Wednesday!

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