Paper Doll Art

I wanted to give my daughter some artwork to go on a small wall in her bedroom above her dollhouse.  I came up with the idea to frame some vintage looking paper dolls.

I looked everywhere for paper doll books (dollar stores, Wal-Mart, bookstores, Cracker Barrel, etc.) without having much luck.  One day while searching online, it hit me that I could probably just print some from the computer.  Duh!  Lucky for me, I found the perfect FREE, printable paper dolls through Patty Reed Designs.

My mom had actually made my daughter an outfit with the fabric featuring these paper dolls!

Sorry, but that's the closest picture I have of the fabric!  (I just realized I do have another picture of the shirt here!)

Okay, so back to the art...I found three rectangular plaques at Hobby Lobby for about a dollar.  Then, I painted the edges of the plaques a cream color and decoupaged scrap book paper onto the top.  Next, I printed & cut out a paper doll and two outfits and decoupaged them on top of the scrap paper.  After the top coat of Mod Podge, I lightly sanded the whole thing (including the paint).

Here they are together hanging on her wall.

Here is a close up of the doll:

To hang these, I just added a couple of thumb tacks to the back & wound some wire around them so they would catch onto the nail.  (Does that make sense??) 

I think they turned out darling!  This whole project cost less than $5 and the same ideas could be applied to make artwork with cars, trains, dinosaurs, etc. for boys! 

Feel free to visit Patty Reed Designs & print off some paper dolls for your daughters or their friends!  (Ooh, it just hit me that those would make great party favors!)

What have you made with decoupage?

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