Stuffing the Socks

I love having cheap & easy gift ideas on hand, so I thought I would share with you what is going in my kids' stockings this year!

Here is what is inside my five-year-old daughter's Christmas stocking:

{Little Girl Stocking Stuffers}

1. Play-Doh (Wal-Mart)
2. Purple Sparkly Nail Polish (Wal-Mart)
3. Silly Putty (2 pack from the party section at Wal-Mart)
4. Princess Stickers (Dollar Tree)
5. Princess Hair Headband (Dollar Tree)
6. Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
7. Grow a Mermaid (Hobby Lobby)
8. Rayovac Flashlight with batteries (Wal-Mart)
9. Chocolate Jello Pudding Mix
10. Grape Jello Gelatin Mix
11. Trident Gum (4 pack at Dollar Tree)
12. KooKoo Birds (Wal-Mart)

Here are the contents of my seven-year-old son's stocking:

{Boy Stocking Stuffers}

1. Generic Rubix Cube (Dollar Tree)
2. Play-Doh (Wal-Mart)
3. Silly Putty (Wal-Mart)
4. Jumping Beans (Dollar Tree)
5. Rayovac Flashlight with batteries (Wal-Mart)
6. Jump Rope (Wal-Mart)
7. Diving Submarine (Dollar Tree)
8. Disc Shooter (Dollar Tree)
9. Vanilla Jello Pudding Mix
10. Orange Jello Gelatin Mix
11. Trident Gum (Dollar Tree)
12. Pez Dispenser (Dollar Tree)

Most of the items are self-explanatory, but I feel that I must mention a couple of things about these "stuffers".  This year, both of my children asked for Easy Bake Ovens (my son said he just wanted one in a boyish color!).  Unfortunately, for my children, I refuse to buy them a gift that is just going to cost more money every time they want to use it!  Plus, it's not like they could really do it on their own, they would still need my help, so why not learn to bake for "real"?  (You know, with mixes & stuff!)  Anyway, that is why I decided to give them the Jello & cookie mixes.  These are inexpensive, easy to make, & require just a few staple ingredients.  Plus, I'm pretty sure most of the work can be done completely by my children with little help required from me!

I know jump ropes are popular gifts for Easter, but I always try to give my kids a gift or two that they can use in the winter time to get some of their energy out, especially on days where the weather or daylight doesn't cooperate enough for them to play outside!  Last year, I gave my son a soft, rubber Frisbee, which is great for throwing in the basement!

I love to look at the "science" aisle in Hobby Lobby & have found some great stocking stuffers there.  Last year, I gave my son a small "make your own snow kit" & a "make your own bouncy ball kit".  They were each only about a dollar or two & I actually saw both of those items (different brands) at Dollar Tree this year.  He loved doing both of those! 

So, what's going in your kids' stockings this year?  I'm always looking for ideas!


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