Hiding Imperfections

Our dining set was a cheap purchase from Craigslist.  When we bought it, two years ago, we had full intentions of stripping off & replacing the damaged veneer.  I still hope to do that some day, but don't think it's probably a good idea to do while pregnant or nursing.  (I'm the stain & poly person in our household!) 

Here are some of the flaws I'm talking about:

Since fixing it isn't an option right now, I decided to cover up some of the flaws by making a runner for the table. 

First, I grabbed some cheap fabric from Hobby Lobby. 

Then, I cut it to size, double the width I wanted, & folded it in half with the right sides together.  I did a quick stitch along the long cut edge, & one of the ends.  Then, I turned it right side out & hemmed up the other end, followed by a quick ironing.  The whole thing maybe took 30 minutes to make & I am a horrible seamstress!

Here's how it turned out: 

{Ignore the wrinkles!}

You'll notice that I placed the runner along the width of the table, rather than having it run the length of the table.  This was because that is where the really bad flaws were that I wanted to cover up.  I am very happy with my quick cover up!  It definitely serves it's purpose!


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