The Art of Accessories

Before I started blogging, I really thought I knew how to decorate my home.  I felt confident about my style & I knew how to put it all together.  Once I started blogging, I quickly realized I had a lot to learn!  (I also realized I was clueless as to what my “style” was…but that’s another story!) 

Any who, since summer is quickly coming to an end, I decided to spend some time accessorizing the buffet in the dining room.  I was stumped!  Nearly every dining room buffet in the world is flanked with matching lamps.  Unfortunately, in our haste to get our house built, we opted to skip the meeting on electrical outlet placement (since we were on vacation but wanted progress on the house to continue) & there is nary an outlet in a good location!  We have two outlets on the buffet wall at least two feet away from it.  I spent hours searching the internet for styling ideas.

Here are some things I learned about accessorizing console tables from my searches…

1. Group in odd numbers.  Placing an even number of things is visually boring!


I found this faux orchid on clearance at Target for $6.14!  The best part is that I will never kill it!

2. Grouping several of the same items together creates a dramatic effect.


Here, I grouped five candles & candle holders together.  The candle holders are by Better Homes & Gardens for Wal-Mart.

3. Add items of varying shapes & sizes to keep the eye moving.


Here I grouped together some plates & a tea cup from our wedding china, a cheap vase from Wal-Mart (that I spray painted black), & some salt & pepper shakers that I found in the dollar section at Target.

4. Adding different textures & materials makes it more interesting.  (I didn’t do so well on this one!)


Thankfully, I found this article from Belle Maison!  Julie does a great job explaining the elements of interior styling.  I’m really happy with how the buffet turned out!

I’m finally starting to figure out the art of styling!  In case you ever find yourself in my situation, here are some other things you can accessorize with that aren’t lamps!  (All images from Designed To Dwell.)

1. Hat boxes

2. Picture frames

3. Plates (either stacked, leaned, or on a plate holder)

4. Silver Platters (from Dollar Tree!)

5. Books

6. Baskets

7. Plants (Fake ones count, right?)

8. Ceramics

9. Candles & Candle Holders

When I’m accessorizing, I also try to use items that are functional & fitting for the space.  I didn’t want to put books on top of the dining room buffet, since I don’t typically read in the dining room.  Using plates & salt & pepper shakers seemed more functional for the space.  I also try to think creatively & use things in different ways.  For instance, instead of placing candles on the holders in the photo above, I put moss covered balls on them!  I also used some adorable white baby shoes as an accessory in the nursery (which you can see a few photos up).

So, what are some other things you like to accessorize with? 

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