Another Shopping Trip

A few weeks ago I was able to leave the big kids with Mark & head out to do a little shopping on my own.  I stopped by one of my favorite spots, Garden Ridge, specifically to check out their mirrors & art work for the dining & living room.  While I was there, I thought I would share a few pictures of what I saw.
I loved this sunburst mirror.  It was 33 inches in diameter & around $80.
At $60 this next mirror was also a contender for the dining room.  Eventually, I decided it looked too much like a flower that should be in a little girl’s room.
I really liked these round mirrors too.  I believe they were both around $50.  The price was right, I just wasn’t sure about the size.  They were probably around 24 inches in diameter.
This black mirror was nice for $60. 
They had these ornate mirrors in different colors.  I can’t remember how much they were, but nothing I looked at was over $100.
Any guesses on which mirror I picked out?
I ended up going with this sunburst mirror!  I like the way the round mirror softens all the rectangular pieces in the room.  The size was great & it adds a bit of fun to this otherwise pretty traditional room.  As a bonus, the finish matches the one on the frames across the room!
Next up, I headed to the art department.  We need to hang something above the new couch.  After watching an episode of Four Houses on TLC, I decided I wanted a large piece of art to hang there.  (One lady was commenting that the only thing on the homeowner’s walls were either family pictures or initials.)  I thought she had a good point, which is what brought me to the art department of Garden Ridge!
I’m thinking about going back for this piece.  I wish I could remember how much it cost.
I also liked the other three below, but I wanted something with more color I could incorporate into the room, something that was already framed, & my husband said, “no flowers”!
I had $30 in rewards money from Pier One after purchasing our couch, so I decided to use them before I forgot about them!  Here’s what I ended up getting for the money:
I thought this set of owl measuring cups was too cute to pass up!
Here’s a picture of the whole family!  I loved the way the colors matched those in most of our downstairs area.
I also bought this pretty flower candle holder to add to the book shelves in the family room.
All in all, I felt like I had a pretty successful shopping trip.  Now, to find the time to exchange a couple of things & see if that print is still available!


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