Kitchen Appliance Storage

I have mentioned before that our kitchen appliance storage was random & made little sense.  Let’s take another look at where our lesser used appliances were previously stored:

Most of our appliances were stored in one side of a cabinet, while the other “empty” side was crammed with random junk that didn't belong in the kitchen!


The griddle was too big to fit in any of our cabinets, so it took up space in a drawer, which I considered prime real estate!


Other random appliances were in a shelf on the opposite end of the kitchen island.


First, I decided to move the electric can opener to the Lazy Susan, where we store all of our cans.


Now, I only need to open one cabinet when I need to open a can.


After clearing out the main appliance cabinet & the junk cabinet next to it, I consolidated most of the appliances to that area.

The top left pull-out shelf houses both food processors & a sandwich maker.


The pull-out shelf on the right holds the blender, chopper, mixer, electric knife, & crock pot.


The bottom shelf holds only the bread machine, George Foreman grill (which we rarely ever use), & the waffle maker.  I put these on the bottom shelf since they are used less often than the other appliances.


Since I no longer wanted the griddle taking up prime drawer real estate, I decided to keep it propped up on the floor of the pantry, since there is extra space now that the trashcans are no longer there.


So, there you have it.  A simple post about where my appliances were relocated!  Having them less crammed in two side by side cabinets definitely makes them easier to get in & out.  Smaller appliances, that are used more frequently are best to keep with the items they are used with. 


What about you?  Where do you store all your kitchen appliances?


  1. Kitchen cabinets can be either useful or useless at the same time depending on how good our organizing skills are. If there are no proper shelvings to complement the interior of the cabinets, then there isn't much storage to go around. A swivel shelf is also very functional and creates extra space. We just need to know how much space we really need.

  2. You store your kitchen appliance in a more attractive way. I am also using kitchen appliances and i must store it in proper way to increase its life.



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