Sink Area Storage

Before I reorganized the kitchen, the dish towels & washcloths were stored next to the stove, instead of the sink and the area under the sink was a mess!  See what I mean?

IMG_6981   IMG_6988   IMG_6990

First off, I relocated all the dishcloths & towels next to the sink.


I moved the towels & washcloths that were past their prime to the laundry room with the other cleaning rags & towels.  I am also using this space for Evie’s bibs & washcloths and aprons for both the kids & I.

Under the sink, I decided to put the doors to work with storage by adding a paper towel holder & DIYing some storage.



I used a couple of stick-on hooks & a plastic container to hold the disposal plug & sponges.


Then, Mark DIY’d some other storage for the doors.  He just used some plywood we already had & I gave it a couple of coats of paint.  I think it looks pretty self-explanatory as to how he built it.


Once that was finished, I cleared out everything under the sink, threw out the trash & cleaners that haven’t been used in five years, & relocated the trash bags to the new trash cabinets.  When I put everything back, this is what I was left with:


The right side holds dish detergent & soap, hand lotion, & the fire extinguisher.


I keep the plant supplies on the left (a couple of vases, a spray bottle, & an old milk jug I use for watering plants).  Oh, & there is the DIY bug container we use whenever we clean our pet ladybugs habitat.  (FYI:  Most ladybugs find their way into our homes to escape the cold to survive.  Unfortunately, our homes are usually so dry in the winter that they don’t live.  When we find them in our house, we put them in a bug container, & feed them raisons & wet cotton balls for moisture.  We have kept them for months & then release them in the spring when it gets a little warmer!)

I can’t believe how empty these cabinets seem now!


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