The Best of 2013

Another year has flown by, & it’s time to wrap up 2013 on the ol’ blog!  At first thought, it didn't seem that I had done many projects or much blogging for the year,  (It’s hard to get things done with a curious toddler roaming the house!) but after a closer look, I realized I had accomplished a few things!  I believe the best part of my blogging about home decor journey is that I think I finally figured out my style & how to achieve it in my home!  (I’ll discuss that in a future post…)

Anyway, here are the top ten posts from 2013, in order of most popular:

The most popular post of the year was, the study makeover I did in the summer.  After getting our style all wrong on the first go round, I decided to try again & am still loving the results!

In May, I showed you some teacher gifts we created for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Apparently, a lot of readers appreciate teachers too, since these were such a hit!  (In case you were wondering, it’s May 5-9th this year!)

This past spring, I decided to finally make the kitchen more functional.  The DIY pull-out trash bin we created was the most popular post from that series.

The kitchen series ended with a complete picture of our kitchen organization.  It included links to all of the projects, which is probably why it was so popular!

When I first began making over our study, I had my husband dismantle our old “L” shape desk & create a free standing desk with the spare parts.  The X base desk he created gained a lot of attention.  I still love that we were able to give it a new life that better fit our design style.

I really wish I could get a better picture of the bathroom I made over for the One Room Challenge.  The neutral gray combined with the pops of color from the art & accessories make this space such a happy place for the kiddos to bathe.  If you’ll remember, it was inspired by the book Harry the Dirty Dog.  I was really hoping they would remember the lesson Harry learned in the book & actually want to shower.  So far, it hasn't worked!

At the beginning of the year, I decided to re-style our mantel.  The bright colors give it a much more cheerful look than before.

As part of our never-ending living room project, I re-upholstered a set of chairs I had.  After making several mistakes, I shared some tips on chair re-upholstery.

The cheap botanical art I created for the living room was also a hit on the web.  If these botanical prints aren't your thing, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to free or cheap art.

Finally, coming in at number ten, was this baking birthday gift I created for one of my daughter’s friends.  It included a few girly kitchen gadgets, as well as a sugar cookie mix & gel icing.

Well, there you have it… The best of 2013.  I look forward to many more projects in 2014!  I’ll be sharing my project goals for the year on Friday. 

Have a great one!

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