DIY Basement Storage Shelves

One of my goals for 2014 is to organize the basement.  To do this, I wanted to add shelving in the future “storage area” of our basement.  Right now, the entire basement is essentially storage, but one day we hope to finish it & it would be nice to have “phase one” out of the way!  So, over Christmas break, my husband made my dreams come true! 

So, here is what the area looked like before the shelves were built:

After we cleared the space, we decided on the length, depth, & height of the shelves.  Based on this, we decided we would have three columns of shelving, three shelves high.  Each shelf was 40” long by 24” deep by 22” high.

First, Mark used 2x4s to create horizontal ledgers to hold the back of the shelf.  (The top of each ledger sits 22” above the floor or previous shelf.)  These boards were anchored into the wall using concrete anchor screws.  To screw these in, you will need to first use a hammer drill to drill a hole through the board, into the concrete.  Then, use a screwdriver to screw in the anchors.  He installed one screw on the end, & then went to the other end, made sure it was level, & added another screw.  Finally, he screwed in the middle.  Mark estimates he used a screw about every 40 inches.


The next step was to add the vertical posts.  These were spaced 40 inches apart.  Since our basement is unfinished, Mark used a nail gun to attach them to the ceiling joists. 


Another view…


Shelf braces were then added to connect the vertical posts to the ledger boards.  Mark used his nail gun to attach a 26” 2x4 to the ledger board.  Then, after checking to make sure it was level, he nailed it to the vertical post. 




The final step was to nail 24”x40” pieces of plywood into the side braces & back ledger boards to create our shelves.  We used 3/4 inch plywood, since we had some of it on hand, but I would probably recommend 1” plywood if you plan to put a lot of weight on your shelves.

DIY Basement Shelving

Garage or Basement Shelves

DIY Storage Shelves

And here they are nice & full:


(Umm…  Yes that is a Commodore 64 computer my husband insisted we keep.  Somewhere in there we also have the original Nintendo.  We only have to store them for about 20 more years!  He tells me he wants to tinker with them when he retires…  Really?)

Three previously full corners of our basement have been cleared out & consolidated into one storage area!


Looking at this makes me feel so good about my goals, but then I turn around & look at the massive amount of things I still need to sort through. (I’ll spare you a picture.)  Let’s just say it would fill our study, entry way, & living room!  The good news is that it’s things we are either donating or selling & some unused furniture we will either get rid of or use when we finish the basement.  I have a feeling I’ll be down here for a while! 

So, have you started working on your home goals?  Anyone still have a 30 year old computer sitting around?  (Please tell me we’re not the only ones!)


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