Making a Statement… With Chairs!

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the living room.  There are only two things left to cross off my list before I can call it “finished” (for now).  I have probably been dragging my feet on recovering these chairs for at least a year & a half!


I bought the pair for $40 at a local antique store.  I really love the clean lines & exposed wood on them.  I have never seen a pair of chairs exactly like them, which also makes them very special!  After doing a bit of research on the new One Kings Lane Home Décor Resource Page I was able to determine that they are probably some sort of reproduction Louis XVI Bergere chair.  The store I bought them from considered them antique, but I’m not quite sure they are from the 1700’s!  I’m so glad to finally have a little knowledge about this chair. 

If you haven’t checked out the resource page, I encourage you to look at it.  It might take you a few minutes of investigation, but I think you’ll notice that there is a wealth of information there!  Here is another article I found on choosing the perfect statement chair.

Anyway, back to my chair…  I’m really hoping to put my big girl panties on this week & start on these lovelies!  My plan is to re-stain the legs a dark walnut color & cover the chair in canvas.  I think the contrast will look very sharp, similar to this chair:

The canvas fabric will help lighten up this wall & bright pillows will really pop on the chairs!
You may recall that I recovered another set of chairs for the living room over the summer.  I will definitely be looking over that experience so I don’t make any of the same mistakes on these chairs! 


In case you forgot what the rest of the room looks like, here’s a peek:


So, do you have any statement chairs in your home?  Have any encouragement for me about recovering chairs?  I would rather just pay someone to do it, but kind of feel like it would be cheating & would rather be saving my pennies for some other projects!  I’m scared!  (What a way to end a blog post!)


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