Our New Danbury Sofas Are Here!

I have been holding my breath over these sofas since October 7th (to be exact)!  We have had some highs & lows over the past three months, & I was terrified they would arrive & I would hate them, since I bought them online without seeing them in person or sitting on them! 

JCP Danbury Sofa

We ended up purchasing two Danbury sofas in Buckwheat, using velvet fabric.  The color is beautiful (not too brownish or yellowish) & the fabric is very soft & doesn't leave butt marks after being sat on!  My kids were a little hesitant to get new sofas, since they really liked rough housing on our old ones, but they love how soft & cozy they were once they sat down.

Danbury Sofa in Buckwheat

There were a couple of problems once they arrived.  First, the seam in one back pillow had come undone.  I quickly fixed the problem with a needle & thread.  I believe the delivery drivers had slightly dirty hands when they handled the sofas & I did notice about three dirty finger marks.  I’m pretty sure they will clean off with water, but the spots aren't that noticeable & I’m too scared to clean them for fear of making a bigger mess!

Velvet Sofa

Despite the un-sewn seam, I do feel like these sofas are pretty solid & will hold up well to the wear & tear of daily use (& abuse) by the kids.

JC Penney Sofa

Having these new sofas has created a slight problem for me.  I have been tiring of the blue & gold for a while now (you know, maybe a week…) & am getting the itch to re-paint & accessorize.  This means, a few new pieces of furniture & possibly built-ins on the fireplace wall.  (Of course, I will have to sweet talk these ideas to my husband!)  On Wednesday, I’ll show you some of my ideas for the space, which more than likely will take a long, long time to come to fruition!


  1. Congrats on the new sofas! We have a velvet sofa in out living room and it is soooo comfy.

    Have you ever thought of turning the two sofas to face each other? Your fireplace is so beautiful and the two sofas would frame it beautifully.

    Can't wait to see your inspiration pics.


    1. Thanks! I really want to move the sofas facing each other, but my husband has pretty much nixed that idea for now. We would have to move the TV & he thinks it would make TV watching uncomfortable. I really do love that look though!

  2. Hi, how are these holding up for you? We are looking for new sofas too and have two kids so we need something durable.

    1. So far, these are holding up great, but we haven't even had them a week yet! I did notice a small chocolate spot on one & it easily wiped up with a damp washcloth. The cushions are very thick & the framing seems pretty solid. Hope that helps! Good luck with your search!

  3. Hi, I'm so happy I found your cute blog. I have been looking at buying this sofa. Is it a good lounging sofa? I was just wondering if you could tell me how deep the seat is with the cushions on. Thanks!

    1. Yes! I think it is very comfortable. The seat is about 22 inches deep with the back cushions on. Hope that helps!



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