Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since I totally decided to slack off this year & have no original Valentine ideas to share, I thought I would share some links from the past few years.

This is a quick synopsis of how we usually spend Valentine’s Day.

Here are the Valentine’s we made one year.

Mark & I celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend, since our church hosted a free babysitting night, but we will celebrate with the kids tonight.  I always like to get the kids a little gift for Valentine’s day too, so this year, Zeke is getting a video game (for our original X-Box, so it’s a cheap one!), Elie is getting the Frozen soundtrack, & Evie is getting some stickers & a little teddy bear.  Of course, we’ll be eating dinner by candle light & eating our heart shaped jello jigglers too!

So, what do you do for Valentine’s Day?   You can find more great ideas on my "Be My Valentine?" pinterest board!

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