$5 Decorating: Making Pillows from Dinner Napkins

Since I have about $0 to spend on decorating right now, I have been planning ahead for purchases I want to make as soon as we pay a few big bills.  In particular, I have been searching for pillow fabrics for the living room.  I think I finally have it narrowed down. 

I plan on keeping the chevron & white fur pillows on the couch, but will hopefully be ditching the small fuchsia pillows for larger ones in this fabric. 

I decided to add some solid turquoise pillows to the zebra chairs & totally remembered, during my online window shopping session, that I had purchased a set of turquoise cloth napkins from Ikea.  (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them online.)  I’m pretty sure I spent between 4- 5 dollars on the set.  After a quick treasure hunt, I sewed the napkins together & had a cheap set of pillows.  (I just used some old inserts to fill them.)


Pretty nice for only $2.50 each!


I plan on using this fabric on the chairs in front of the window (that I have yet to re-cover) which will tie the blue, pink/coral colors together hopefully!

So, do you have any $5 decorating secrets?  I’d love to hear them & maybe even feature them on the blog!


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