My Parents’ Christmas Home Tour: The Main Floor

As I have mentioned several times on the blog, my parents LOVE Christmas.  Growing up, our home was always completely decked out for the holiday, & it looked so pretty it usually stayed up until at least Valentine’s Day (or maybe that was just because it took so long to take down)!  While we visited for Christmas, I decided to take some pictures of their house decorated for the season.  I know it’s crazy of me to be posting these photos now that Christmas is over, but I figured I would forget I had the pictures if I waited until next year.  So, here goes…

The Entry/ Living Room


Above is the view when you walk in the front door.  My parents host a lot of parties throughout the month of December, which is why their large entry is filled with tables & chairs.




The Dining Room




The Sunroom



The Breakfast Nook



I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Sorry for the slightly blurry images.  I’m still trying to learn to use my new camera, so hopefully the picture quality will get better throughout the year!

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  1. Wow! Christmas never looked so good. You did a wonderful job with the decorations. The whole family must've jumped with so much excitement for the holidays. The Christmas tree in the sun room was a nice touch. It's good that you never let one room feel left out for the Christmas season. Thanks for that amazing tour, Wendy! All the best to you! :)

    Devin Newton @ Berkshire Hathaway Home Services



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