From the Back to the Future

I love to make lists.  The satisfaction that comes from crossing things off, makes me weirdly giddy!  That’s why I love this time of year so much.  There is so much promise & possibility in the future.  Like, for instance, maybe after being on the list for three years, I will finally figure out what to do with the morning room!  Wishful thinking!

The problem I always run into is that I tend to make loftier goals than I can actually fulfill.  Last year I was a little more realistic & accomplished most of my list (4 out of 7).  Here’s what we did:

After several years, I finally finished the last of the living room projects & revealed it on the blog.

I mentioned in last year’s goals that I wanted to make some tweaks to the family room.  By “tweaks” I meant change every single thing about it!

I finally painted the front door black & added some new lighting to the front of the house in this update.

We also added a wall of storage in the basement to make it a safer space for our kids to play. 

Unfortunately, time & money did not permit us to beautify the backyard, make over the morning room, or re-decorate the kids’ bedrooms.

This year, I want to make over four spaces in our home.  Here they are in no particular order:

1. Update the morning room to better reflect the style of the main floor.

I am hoping to update this space & give it a more modern-traditional glam (mod-trad-glam) look.  I plan on keeping the table, light fixture, & new secretary (not pictured) & replacing the chairs, buffet, & curtains.  I would love to trim out the windows, but the arched window will add a challenge to the project, so I’m not sure if that will happen.  New accessories & possibly a rug will give the room the extra personality it so desperately needs!

2. Make over my son’s room

This was one of the first rooms I revealed on the blog, & it is time for a change.  This small room has only one window & combined with the orange walls, it is a pretty dark space.  I hope to lighten up the space with a lighter, neutral color.  We will replace the twin sized bed with a full one, add more storage through shelves & double nightstands, & replace the director’s chair & desk.  New bedding, curtains, & accessories will complete the look.

3. Make over my daughter’s room

Oh boy!  This room has definitely gone downhill!  It all started when we switched out the twin-sized bed with the one from our old guest room (now the nursery).  Since then, almost 3 years, she has been using a twin sized comforter on a full sized bed!  The addition of a gerbil & a 1980’s Barbie house haven’t helped the aesthetics any!  My plan is to keep the bed (we have had a brass bed in storage for 1 1/2 years), dresser, & light fixture & replace pretty much everything else.  More storage will be added in the form of a desk, shelving, & a rast dresser.  I will paint the walls a neutral color, & add new bedding, curtains, accessories, & chair. 

4. Decorate the master bedroom

I can happily say, three pieces of furniture in the above picture have left the house!  Other than mounting a TV on the wall, no progress has been made on this room since we moved in 5+ years ago.  If I’m honest, changes probably won’t be happening in 2015 either, but I would love to see color on the walls, new bedding, & updated furniture & accessories. 

It’s not likely to happen (history tends to repeat itself) but if I could accomplish these four things this year, we could finally start saving for all the big changes we want to make: hardwood floors, solid surface countertops, converting our laundry room into a mudroom, finishing our basement, & adding tiered retaining walls in our sloped backyard.  I hope that by creating spaces that are neutral & classic (with modern touches) we can live with our makeovers for a little longer & spend more of our time & money on more expensive projects that will add value to our home.

What are your plans for the new year?


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