Morning Room Challenge: Painting the Secretary

Week two of the One Room Challenge is officially in the books!  I didn't get as much finished as I wanted, but we did make some headway. The main project for the week was to paint the secretary desk that I bought a while back.

I really loved the clean lines & the fretwork in the glass, but wasn't a fan of the orange-y oak look. I decided to paint it black to update the look. 

I painted it Olympic Paints' Black Magic in a semi-gloss finish. It's reading pretty gray in the pictures, but it is actually darker than it appears. I love that it is more of a soft black, so it doesn't look harsh with the light colored walls.

My UH-OH MOMENT: In order to create less mess when painting the fretwork, I stuck paper underneath it (& on top of the glass). What I didn't realize is that the paint went underneath the fretwork & glued the paper to the back of it. I ended up having to use a knife & some rough sandpaper to remove all the paper stuck on the back of the grids, & ended up scratching some of the glass. Grrr... Now to find a solution for all the scratches...

I couldn't wait to add some pops of bold color against the black & I think it turned out pretty great using accessories we already had around the house. The "hustle" & "You make all things new" printables were free. You can find them here and here. The other artwork was done by my daughter & the origami swan was made by yours truly! Proof that decorating doesn't have to cost lots of money!

The Plans
1. Replace the small "buffet" with a white Ikea Malm dresser.
2. Add trim around the windows.
3. Replace the curtains.
4. Re-finish the table in a darker stain to minimize the "orange-y oak" look.
5. Replace the chairs with two different styles.
6. Give the secretary a makeover in the form of black paint.
7. DIY artwork
8. Add new lamps & accessories to provide cheerful pops of color.

You can see the before pictures & plans here.

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