Rub & Buff Curtain Rod

My mom made some pink satin curtains for the nursery shortly after Evalyse was born.  I had already purchased a black curtain rod from Ikea with some glass finials (I couldn't find the finials online).  When we finally hung them, I decided I didn't like the black rod in the room.


After a quick coat of Silver Leaf Rub n' Buff, here is what they now look like:


These curtains were made with tabs in the back, which sometimes cause the curtains to slide & lose the "bunched" look that I like.  I decided to fix the problem by tying the tabs together, so they will stay scrunched together.  

It's not noticeable at all unless you are standing between the curtains & the wall (which would probably only happen during a mean game of hide & seek).  Oh, & you caught me red handed...I didn't bother adding Rub n' Buff to the brackets.  They also aren't noticeable from the front.

The room is finally coming together!


Filling Up More Wall Space

Here's a small "gallery" I created to fill up some wall space in the nursery.

{Nursery Prints}

The framed picture on the left is intended to be signed on the mat.  We had all the family write messages on the photo mats for our other two children, but I forgot to have anyone sign it when they were visiting Evalyse.  I'm not sure if I'll have family write on it or if I will fill it up with my own letter to Evy!

I saw an Etsy print of James 1:17 on Pinterest (which was much cuter than this one) & made my own very simple version of it, which I framed & added to the wall.

My mom bought the "Baby's First Picture" mat for me when I was expecting my son.  The colors go really well with the nursery.  I think she found it a Christian bookstore, but I'm not sure.

Here's a bigger picture of the wall:

{Nursery Art}

So, what's filling your nursery walls?

A Work of Heart

As I was scouring Pinterest one day in search of ideas for the nursery, I came across some framed hearts, which of course, I didn't pin... (So now, I don't know the original source, & I don't even remember what it looked like!)  Anyway, I decided to try to create my own "work of heart" to fill up some wall space in the nursery!

I started out with an empty picture frame, burlap, & a string of beads (which I had purchased for a different project that I scratched!).  These were all things I had lying around, which makes this project even better!  To complete this project you will also need an iron, scissors, pen, heart cut out, glue sticks, & a glue gun.


To begin, I ironed my slightly wrinkled piece of burlap & cut it a little bigger than my picture frame opening.  Then, I used a heart, which I had cut from paper, to trace the shape onto the center of the burlap.  Next, I added glue to a small area, & began tracing the shape of the heart with glue & beads (a little at a time).  I started at the bottom of the heart, worked my way to the top, back to the bottom, & then inside the heart.  When I was finally finished, I framed it & hung it on the wall.

Here's the finished product:


And here it is in her room:


I hope you like it!  Have you ever created art from a strand of beads?

Sharing here:

Nursery Lighting

I was lucky enough to win a credit to Arcadian Lighting a while back.  At the time I wasn't sure what I would do with the credit, since we had pretty much all our lighting needs covered.  Then, I realized we needed a light for the nursery & I could use the credit to purchase one!  Being very budget conscious, I chose the cheapest chandelier I could find, & decided to spruce it up to better suit the room.

You can see the original light fixture in this picture:


Here's the light I purchased for the room:

{Light Before}

Originally, I decided to paint the light white, but it looked too plain, so I added some pink to it.  Then, I strung some beads onto wire & attached them to the candle sticks.  Here's the finished product:



Ribbon Pillow

Recently, I made a couple of new pillows for the nursery rocking chair.

{Pillows for Nursery}

The pink pillow is just a simple square made from pink bubble fleece from Hobby Lobby.

The white rectangular pillow was also very simple to make.  Here are some quick instructions to make one for yourself:

1. Fold your fabric over & cut it to the size you want the pillow to be (allowing for the hem).  I like to fold it over & then measure & cut so I have at least one side I don't have to sew!

2. Find the center of your pillow, where you want the ribbon, & pin a piece of ribbon on each side of the front (right sides) of your pillow.

3. Fold your pillow over, right sides together & sew up the sides, making sure not to sew any of the excess ribbon & leaving an opening to add the stuffing.

4. Stuff your pillow, pin it closed, & sew the opening back together.  You may also want to singe the ends of the ribbon with a flame (I use a candle.) or add some Fray Check to the ends.

5. Tie the ribbon & find the perfect spot for your new pillow!

My mom found this rocking chair at the Restore for $5 before my son was born.  She recovered it in this green & white striped fabric.  She also made the toile pillow with some extra fabric from the bedding.  My mother-in-law made the beautiful blanket hanging over the chair.

Now this spot is the perfect place for a photo opp...

Keeping Busy

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

{Our attempts at a decent Easter picture didn't turn out so well!}

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but I am still feeling my way through having a third child!  I'm considering this my maternity leave!

Anyway, I have still been working on the nursery, which was supposed to be finished last month.  Between nursing, exhaustion, & the Pinterest time sucker, I haven't been able to get much accomplished, but it is coming along & I hope to share some of the latest projects with you next week.  Hopefully, I'll get it all finished within the next couple of weeks.  There are only a few projects left to complete.

Last week was spring break for our family.  We didn't want to travel far, since we have a newborn, so we decided to take a quick trip up north, to Columbus, Ohio.  Our trip included a tour of a life-sized replica of the Santa Maria, swimming at the hotel, & a visit to COSI (a science center).

{Santa Maria}

{Zeke riding the 17 foot unicycle at COSI!}

{Getting ready to go underwater in a yellow submarine!}

{Water Play}

Of course, we also spent some time hunting for eggs, coloring eggs, & opening Easter goodies!

{Family Egg Hunt}

{Evalyse's first Easter...Why did I not dress her in a more girly sleeper or wipe the spit-up off her face???}

Obviously, Evalyse didn't get candy for Easter (Okay, I did put a chocolate bunny in her basket that I fully intended to eat myself!).  Since it's hard to know what to put in a 5 week old's Easter basket, I'll share what she had in hers:

White Eyelet Sun Hat (Target)
Hippo Rattle (Geranimals from Wal-Mart)
3 pack teethers (Wal-Mart)
Rubber Duck (Wal-Mart)
Ball (Target)
Egg Shakers (plastic eggs filled with rice, beans, or dry macaroni & glued back together)
Printable black & white flash cards (free download from Brillkids)
Taggy Blanket (made by me!)

{Perfect by no means!}

Well, I think that fills you in on life the past few weeks!  I'll be back next week to show off some of the nursery progress.

Have a great weekend!


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