ORC Week 5 Bathroom Stall…

The kids’ bathroom redo is not going as well or as easily as I had hoped.  It’s almost comical now how nearly every project has had some sort of mishap.  Let’s take a look at what has gone wrong during this challenge:

1. After painting the vanities black, I had my husband install some handles on the faux drawer fronts under the sink.  Doing that caused the paint to peel off the entire drawer front on one drawer.


It looks much better now, but I think the lesson is that when using “self priming” paint, you still need to prime the surface first, especially if you are painting over a glossy finish.

2. My kids spent three weeks without a toilet seat, since it took me that long to spray paint it.  Every time I would flip it around to paint another section, the paint would chip off of the previously painted part.  Here is what the toilet seat looks like today:


I’ll be pulling the trigger on this one pretty soon!

3.  After spending a couple of hours painting some curtains for the shower, I had several mishaps.  The paint bled (due to my watering it down), my hand/roller slid onto a “white” stripe, & my toddler made footprints through several spots!


It doesn't look so bad from a distance, but I can’t handle the imperfections up close:


I've ordered some custom-made curtains, but they are coming from Hong Kong!  I’m really hoping I get what I ordered & that they get here before next week’s reveal!

To add to all the DIY failures, I have had some design dilemmas.  Obviously, I have varied from my original plan & decided to add some pattern to the shower curtains.  I’ve also changed my mind on the black & white towels & decided to add some color.  You’ll have to wait for the reveal to see them though!

On top of all that, I paid for a shower curtain rod & never brought it home… or so I thought!  After searching the house, I called the store to tell them I must have left it there.  They kindly let me grab another one.  Two days later I found the rod in my closet!  Looks like I’ll be returning one of them back to the store (hangs head in shame!)…

So, have you ever had projects where nothing seems to go right?  The good news is, I think the bathroom is going to look great, once it’s actually finished!

I'm sharing this post as part of the One Room Challenge Link party at Calling It Home.  Be sure to stop by & check out all the awesome makeovers going on!



  1. Oh, we all have those mishaps (or at least I do!) Hang in there - I'm sure that it will all come together in the end!

  2. I think it'll be great when you're finished! I think we've ALL had mishaps! And, for those of us that are perfectionists - it's just a little harder to move forward! I LOVE your print/artwork in the bathroom. I've got 2 boys who NEVER flush! Must get something similar for mine!
    Good luck this next week - it's coming together!

  3. Relax, you'll be ok for sure, you've already done so much! As for the toilet seat, did you spray it with polyurethane? Several coats of it? You will need that for sure. As for the print, I had 16 x 20 color printed in staples this week and your right, they are $5. :-)

  4. I always think it is great to try something new and either it turns out, or at least you learn from it. You have helped a lot of us with your advice and your mishap's. I would put some white paint over the smudge. good luck this week.

  5. You have taken on a challenge and have little kids at home aside from your day-to-day stuff. It happens to the best of us. It will all fall into place eventually.

  6. The best thing about doing things yourself is that you get to learn a bunch of stuff despite the failures. By learning things, you know what to do the next time you encounter problems like this. :)
    - PartitionsAndStalls.com



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