My Favorites from 2014

I mentioned on Monday that I was planning on sharing some of my favorite posts from this past year.  Obviously, many of my very favorites were featured in Monday’s post & since I don’t want to be redundant, I am sharing some of my favorites that didn't quite make the cut.

Here they are in chronological order:

1. Defining My Style

In this post, I explained how multiple decorating mistakes made me finally figure out my style to help me create better spaces in the future.

2. Our New Danbury Sofas

These sofas were a lesson in patience for me.  First, because I had to live with a style of couches I didn't like for a while before being able to purchase new ones.  Second, because they took more than three months to arrive, with a roller coaster of ups & downs!  It was a happy day in our house when both of these sofas arrived safely last January.

3. A New Look for the Nook

Despite being an impossible spot to take a picture, I really love the way this nook makeover turned out.  The gold frames on our gallery wall were constantly crooked (or being taken off the wall by a toddler) so I decided to make my create my own artwork & frame it in Plexiglas.  It’s such a happy space to walk passed.

4. The View From Here

Right now my house is a hot mess!  The endless amounts of laundry I have been working on are taking up most of the family room, & the kitchen floor is a mess of cracker crumbs & art supplies.  Having a few spots of “pretty” helps me see past the imperfections & enjoy the home we are creating as a family.

5. Reupholstering Chairs

I am still shocked at how “easy” it was to reupholster these chairs!  Thank goodness my husband helped me this time around.  If only my toddler wouldn't have taken a purple marker to the back of one!  Oh well, at least it’s only the back, that faces the wall!

I hope to be a little more productive in 2015.  I’ll be back to share my home goals on Tuesday!


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