Welcome To Our Dwelling Place!

I have always loved old homes with great "before & after" stories.  Unfortunately, this blog will not be one of those!  After living in an older home for five years, we decided to make a thirty-minute move to be closer to my husband's work.  Originally, we were looking to move into a newer, existing home.  (We were tired of the unending repairs & wanted something more energy efficient.)  Thankfully, we were able to sell our home quickly, which didn't leave us much time for shopping around.

Not able to find what we were looking for, we decided to build a home instead.  This allowed us to have the square footage & footprint we were looking for.  After settling on a floorplan, we found this lot:

(Sorry, but it's the best picture I could find!)

The lot backs up to a green belt, & we had no idea when we chose it, that at the bottom of the hill there is a creek with a small waterfall!  We love to take the kids down there to explore!

Since our house sold quickly, we ended up sticking our belongings in storage and staying with family until our home was built.  Here's a picture of the front when it was almost finished (summer of 2009):

Who would have thought a new home would be so much work!  We chose to upgrade mainly structural elements (like windows, rooms, layouts, etc.) and later tweak the other things (that we didn't want to pay for in our mortgage every month!).  Not long after moving in, we came up with a list of more than 40 changes we wanted to make (and more are added every day)! 

So, that's the quick version of the story of our home!  This blog will detail how we are taking this home from builder boring to beautiful on a budget!

I hope you come back soon!  I'll be featuring our study on Wednesday!

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