Welcome to our dwelling place!

I'm Wendy Edwards, the writer & creator of Designed To Dwell.

I spend most of my time hanging out with these three cuties...

{Ezekiel, Eliana, & Evalyse}

but when they're off doing their own thing (like going to school or taking naps) I like to spend my time transforming our builder-grade house into a custom-made home for my family in the suburbs of Cincinnati.

Of course, that usually means convincing this guy

{I'll change this picture if he ever notices it!!}

to get his hands dirty.  But come on, look at him, do you think he could say, "no" to me?

Please consider following us as we journey further into this thing called life!  As a lover of self-help books, I will share our successes & failures as we DIY, decorate, organize, & parent.  If for nothing else, you should probably stick around so you know what not to do!  Either way, thanks for reading!


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