Bookshelf Turned Dresser

My husband was given this bookshelf after helping a friend move.

It was originally black laminate, but I decided to paint it navy so it would match the other furniture in my son's room.  (That's a whole other messy story though...)  This is a perfectly fine dresser, but I just didn't like the way it was looking in the room.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any other furniture to keep Zeke's fish on, so it had to stay.

One day, as I was sitting in my son's room, trying to come up with a solution to several style problems I was having with it, a light bulb went off!  What if we made long crates to fit on the shelves?  My husband decided that was better than trying to build a fish tank stand, so he set to work!

This is what he made:

It is solid plywood on the bottom & sides.  I added a canvas drop cloth so the clutter inside was kept out of sight.

Here they are on the bookshelf:

Now, I'm actually digging this bookshelf!  It kind of functions like a dresser.  (We could actually add drawer glides & rope handles, but I'm done with it for now!)

It mimics dresser from Anthropologie, except without the $998 price tag!

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