Pallet Headboard

I wanted my son's bed to have a headboard.  Originally, the plan was to have my husband replicate one I had seen in the Restoration Hardware Babies & Kids catalog. 

Wow, that's not a very good picture!  Anyway, one night, I had the idea to create a headboard that looked like a pallet. 

My husband went along with the idea & agreed to build one to the measurements of the bed.

Here's the rundown of what he did:

1. First, he cut two 2x3's 52 inches long.  He used these as the ends of the bed frame.
2. He spaced these boards evenly apart with the skinny sides up and connected them near the bottom with another 2x3 that was 37 inches.  (When the project was complete, this was the board he bolted into the bed frame.)
3. Next, he cut one 2x3 30 inches long.  This one went in the middle, again, with the skinny side up.
4. Finally, he cut 1x4s into 40 inch slats & hammered them to the 2x3s, three inches apart.

Here's the finished product, after it was stained:

And here it is on his bed:

Well, that's it!  Come back Monday to see how the whole room comes together!  (I'm hoping it looks good enough to show you by then!)

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