Chalkboard on the Cheap!

So, a while ago I posted about a boa wreath I made for Elie's room that just didn't work out.  Needless to say, I was frustrated and in need of a new piece of art to hang in it's place.  Later that day, I went in the basement & saw this:

I really did like this picture, but wasn't using it since I changed the decor in my living room.  I decided with a little paint & trim, I could make this a cute chalkboard for my daughter's room.

Basically, I quickly spray painted the metal at the top & bottom a flat silver (it's all I had).  Then, I painted on two coats of chalkboard paint, and added some pink & white polka dotted ribbon I had on hand.

I think it turned out pretty cute:

Elie can even tuck special cards in between the ribbon.

The only bad thing about Elie having a chalkboard in her room is that she is too busy playing with it at night to go to bed!  Maybe bedtime will get easier once the newness wears off!

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