Flower Power

In my attempt to stall the reveal of my daughter's room, I am going to show you another cheap lamp makeover by yours truly!

When we first moved in to this house, the plan was to put a ceiling fan in my daughter's room.  We had so many expenses at the time & were going into fall, so we decided to put off buying a fan until the weather got warm.  We had to get her a light, so I decided to go with a pink & white flowered plug-in chandelier from Target. 

Recently, however, I decided I couldn't find a white ceiling fan I liked & decided to get her a chandelier ceiling light instead.  (The sun only hits her room for a couple of hours & they're only used for a couple of months anyways, right?  We can always use a stand up fan if it gets too hot in there!)  Once I did this, I decided having two chandeliers was weird in the space and the cord that went from ceiling to floor was really bugging me!

Once I took it down, I just added the "milk glass" (FYI:  Sometimes I use quotation marks when I'm guessing the name of something!) lamp that had been on her dresser.  I quickly realized that just didn't look right on the nightstand. 

I went to my trusty lighting store, Dollar General, and picked up this $7 lamp and $5 shade.  (I love shopping for lamps at DG!)

Honestly, I really liked the lamp as it was, but didn't think the dark color would work in Elie's room.  I decided to brush on a quick coat of primer & some cream colored paint I had on hand. 

This created a problem.  With a cream shade, the lamp was looking quite plain!  That's where this $3 bouquet of artificial flowers from Wal-Mart comes in:

Just ignore the paper & paper clips in the picture.  That idea didn't work out!  Anyway, I decided to hot glue some of these flowers to the lamp to give it a pop of color.  I first added three flowers.  After looking at it, I realized I didn't like the triangular way I had positioned the flowers.  Uh-oh!  I was able to pry the top flower off.  This whole fiasco scared me enough that I just ended up taping two flowers in the middle, making sure to place them high enough that they covered my "oopsy" but low enough that it didn't look weird with the two outer flowers.  (It's getting late, am I making sense??)

Anyway, after several failed attempts, here is how the lamp turned out:

Light Off
I am really happy with the way it turned out.  It looks so cheerful & I like the way the deep color in the center of the flowers brings in the maroon from her ballet costume!

Light On
Have you changed up any lamps lately?


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