The Urn Takes a Turn (for the better...)

I bought these two urns for $20 each at Big Lots a few months ago.

They sat empty on the front porch until it warmed up enough to add some plants to them.  In the mean time, my kids & the neighbor kids kept moving them around, knocking them over, & adding mud, grass, & pieces of our bushes to the inside of them.  I could stand it no longer!  I was so tired of having to move them around multiple times per day!  I finally decided to add some plants, so the urns weren't as movable.

My intention was to plant rounded boxwoods in these containers, so they would remain green year round.  But, as luck would have it, I couldn't find any boxwoods that were the size, shape, or price that met my needs. 

After a couple of days of thinking about it, I decided to buy two evergreens that were pruned into a spiral shape.  That plan changed again when I realized they were $30 a piece, and I wasn't sure if they would survive in my container!  I realized though, that for half the price, I could buy the same, un-pruned tree and prune it myself.  So, I decided to go for it!  I stuck the trees in my cart & away we went.

I am extremely indecisive, so of course I had second thoughts & decided to put those trees back & get some of the smaller, cheaper boxwoods to prune myself!  As I was looking at the boxwoods, I saw the same unpruned evergreen trees crammed between the bushes & a rack of flowers.  They were smaller & only about $7.  I felt WAY more comfortable spending that amount of money!  Finally, something made the cut!

So, to make a short story long, here is the final product:

I'll have to work up the nerve to prune these, but I think they work fine for now!  I added some petunias and ivy to give it a little more somethin', somethin'.

Here's the front stoop now:

I really tried to wait until all the water dried up, but patience is not one of my strengths!

So, what's planted in your pots?  I'd love some more ideas!

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