What's Up With Us...

Summer hasn't even officially started (you know, because it's not June 21st yet) & we are already crossing things off our Summer Project List!  Who knows, maybe we will actually get it all done!

My husband has been wanting us to go camping as a family for a LONG time.  He finally got his wish on Memorial Day weekend, when we visited Red River Gorge.  (Google it for better pictures.  The place is amazing!)  Unfortunately, my camera battery was dying, so I only got a few pictures this time, but here are some pictures from various day trips to the gorge:

{Chimney Rock}

{Sky Bridge}

{Zeke with his uncle}

We actually camped at Red River Gorge Campground, which I would highly recommend.  The campground was adorable!  As you entered you saw a fishing pond, rustic barn, & charming farm house with a red tin roof.  (Sorry, no pictures though!)  At the campground, we went on a canoe ride & Zeke caught his first fish!

Jim (owner of Red River Gorge Campground) obviously shares his love of pallets with a lot of us bloggers:

{I had to share this pallet basketball goal with you!}

{Pallet table at one of the camp sites}

Anyway, we got home from camping on Monday (Memorial Day) around 4:00 & my husband immediately started in on another project. 

{Retaining Wall}

The wall turned out to be a pretty quick project.  I'll share more of the details & pictures on Friday, so be sure to stop by again then!

On Wednesday of that week, I volunteered to help out with Field Day at my son's school.  I didn't pick a very good station to work at, as it required handling feet & wet socks!  I brought my camera, but decided it wasn't worth photographing those!

Thursday, we attended our town's Frontier Day Parade.  We went last year & got a hoot out of the fact that they gave away goetta along the parade route.  Here's a picture from this year to prove it:

{The guy on the segway is seeing who wants it the most!}

If you've never had goetta, it is a sausage product that contains oats.  I have personally never eaten it, but I have heard it's good! 

Friday, was Eliana's dance recital.  She did a great job, despite losing her slipper at the beginning of her routine!

Saturday, we went swimming & later went to the Frontier Day carnival.  The kids had a great time on the rides, but we only stayed for about an hour because it was so HOT!

After church on Sunday, I power washed the deck & began staining it on Tuesday.  I had no idea how long it would take!  I'm still not done with it, but here's a sneak peak:

In between staining the deck & working on the front landscaping, we have been going to the pool & library.  I have been trying to balance home projects along with fun activities for the kids, which has caused my poor house to suffer.

Tuesday was Zeke's last day of school.  I came up with the idea to hide around the side of the house & douse him with water balloons & squirt guns as he approached the house.  It would have been a great idea, had his pants not fallen down, causing him to fall pretty hard on the sidewalk!  It's all good though, because he enjoyed it before the fall & got to get back at us after the fall!

So, that's what's up with us!  What's up with you?



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