Summer Vacation

This summer, my husband was a groomsmen in a wedding in Athens, Georgia.  Since we live about eight hours away, we decided to spend another week in Georgia after the wedding.  We ended up staying in a tiny area called Sky Valley.  It was pretty much 30 minutes of windy roads away from anywhere we went all week, but it was a beautiful area!

We began with a trip to Stone Mountain, after heading out of Athens.  We had no idea what to expect.  I just thought it was going to be a mountain with a carving on it.  It turns out that they had all kinds of attractions, animal shows, demonstrations, and more!  We ended up taking a gondola ride to the top of the mountain.  Then my son & husband did the high ropes course, while my daughter & I played in the Great Barn. 

{Stone Mountain}

We decided to spend our first day in Sky Valley enjoying the resort.  We spent most of the day fishing & at the swimming pool.

The next day we went to Brasstown Bald & climbed up to the highest point in Georgia.  My husband has a dream to go to the highest point in every state.  Unfortunately, for him, I don't share that dream!  The hike wasn't bad, & they had a cute museum & movie at the top.  Above the museum, is the lookout area, in which you can see four different states.

{Squinting on top of Brasstown Bald}

The next day we went to the Bavarian-type town of Helen, Georgia.  After lunch, we took a quick walk up & down the streets & then went tubing on the Chattahoochee River.  Fortunately, there are no pictures of me flipping backwards out of my tube when it hit a big rock!  At least I came back up with my swimsuit in tact!

{Downtown Helen}

Another day, we ventured to Tallulah Gorge.  We took several hikes to look at the views & some waterfalls & ended the day walking to the bottom of the falls, which put us walking 1,062 steps.  I seriously didn't think I would live to get back to the top!

{Tallulah Gorge}

In the 1970's, a tight-rope walker walked across the gorge, UN-HARNESSED!  Ridiculous!  I was terrified just walking across the suspension bridge!

{Bottom of Hurricane Falls at Tallulah Gorge}

We spent another day taking a waterfall tour.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

{Unfortunately, we can't remember where we were for this picture!}

{Dry Falls- That's my husband & kids behind the waterfall!}

We finished off the trip at Bust Your Butt Swimming Hole! 

{My little guy jumping from a rock!}

Despite some car sickness and my tubing accident, it was a pretty good vacation.  The area is beautiful, & I had no idea Georgia had so many waterfalls!  One of the nicest parts of this vacation was how inexpensive it was!  Most of the places we went were either free or only charged for parking!  

You'll have to let me know if you've ever traveled to these areas!



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